Wool Installation Guide

  • Allow carpet sufficient time (approximately 24 hours) to adjust to room conditions. Room temperature should be at least 65°F to allow carpet to move freely and adjust to installation.
  • Use of a firm, dense synthetic fiber or synthetic felt pad is essential for proper installation and to prolong the life of your wall-to-wall carpet. The seams of the padding should run perpendicular to the seams of the carpet.
  • For residential applications, a 1" wide carpet tack stripping is suggested around all walls and perimeters.
  • Use of a premium latex seam sealer is essential on all cut edges.
  • Use of a premium 6" wide seam tape should be used on all seams.
  • On handmade products, slight trimming of the pile may be necessary at the seams to ensure they are smooth and flush.
  • Cavan Carpets does not recommend the use of an exceptional amount of pressure when stretching the carpet into place. If stretching is necessary, use of a knee kicker is recommended.