Wool Care & Maintenance

Vacuum Regularly

Cavan Carpets recommends vacuuming wool carpets at least once per week with a suction only vacuum, or a vacuum with a manually adjustable rotating brush set at the highest setting away from the carpet top. Because Design Manufacturing's products are very thick and dense, most soil will be held high up on the pile so there is no need to put unnecessary stress on the fibers by using a rotating brush on a low setting close to the carpet top. Do not use high suction or cyclonic suction vacuums on handmade carpet. If you have any questions or are in need of a recommendation, please contact our customer service team.

Clean Liquid Spills and Heavy Soiling Right Away

Bissell is a great source for cleaning specific types of spills and stains. Visit http://www.bissell.com to view their recommendations for treating spills on your wool carpets.

Professional Cleaning Once Per Year

Professional cleaning will ensure your wool carpets are always looking and feeling their best. Even if there are no visible signs that your wool carpets are dirty, having your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned approximately once every one to two years will ensure that your investment stays beautiful for years to come.

Caring For Your Cotton Viscose Blended Carpet

Vacuum Regularly with a suction only vacuum or avacuum where the bristles are adjusted to thehighest setting.Before cleaning it is always important to test an areafor color stability. Spot Clean with a dry foam cleaner.If professional cleaning, do not use excessive heat,water, or suction, and ensure a low pH level .Dry or Foam cleaning is recommended whenprofessional cleaning.

If carpet is wet, it is very important to soak up spillsor moisture with a white cloth as soon as possible. Ifcarpet is introduced to more water than can easily bedried with a cloth, than using a fan, dehumidifier, orother drying equipment to dry the area is necessary.